Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. However, finding the time to write has been one of my most challenging experiences. I have always wanted to write mystery novels, but had this unique talent for writing children's books.  Since my passion was writing in a different genre, I stayed away from writing for children.  One day while traveling to California for a conference, I begin writing Nora's lollipop.  I had so much fun writing I decided to look for an illustrator.   I was introduced to Jamil Burton who brought my story to life with the creation of the characters.  He create each character to my specification.  

My insight on writing is if you have a gift, find away to channel into it. I held off for years writing for children because, I wanted to write in another genre.   When God gives you a gift, you have to use your gift for His purpose and its intended audience.  That does not say, I will not write for another genre, but I will keep writing for children.  

Book Review



It’s Nora’s birthday and she is excited to celebrate at school, as she knows every child gets a special surprise from the teacher on their birthday. But what Nora does not know is she will also get a different, unexpected surprise that could spoil her day. How Nora reacts when faced with this other surprise may surprise you and will certainly inspire you!

This new illustrated book from Dr. Kimberly Rowland nicely handles important topics for young readers. Plus children will enjoy the expressive illustrations and likeable main character, Nora. The book is very colorful and sometimes the words can be a bit tricky to read because of the bright colors in the art but the story still rings loud and true.  

Told in the familiar environment of a school classroom, Kids will definitely be able to relate to this book.  And parents will enjoy the powerful message at the end.  SPOILER ALERT: Young Nora does a great job at teaching all of us about the value of forgiveness.

Author, “Weeds In Nana’s Garden” “I Smile For Grandpa” - Kathryn Harrison

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